Nursery at KFA is exactly what it sounds like! We have a wonderful group of women who love and tend to your babies like their own! While you get to experience the blessings of Sunday morning you don't have to worry a bit about taking care of your little ones. 

When: Sunday Mornings 10:15am-12pm


Pre-school is offered for children ages 3-5 who fit in that in-between stage. A little too big for diapers but a little to small to read! We have a small playroom for your child to explore, meet new kids in, and get a glimpse of who Jesus is through all the little things. We encourage you to bring your kids in for a great time and a chance to make life-long friendships! 

When: Sunday Mornings 10:30am-12pm


This group is offered for kids ages 6-12. KFkids is a special place where we offer your kids the opportunity to really get to know Jesus Christ! We encourage them to know Jesus on a personal level and really seek God's heart. We do this through verse-memorization, fun-filled lesson plans, hands-on activities, games, and more! There is no better place than KFA to make friends that will last a lifetime! This is a very diverse group of kids who each learn at different paces and we really aim to give each kid the best experience possible! Each Sunday of the month we have a different team of teachers who are all passionate about leading kids to God. We hope to see you here!

When: Sunday Mornings 10:30-am-12pm